Mobile Websites Are Important For Local Small business

by admin on September 14, 2011

mobile marketing

mobile marketing

Smart phones with their web functionality have taken over the mobile phone market your prospects are now using their features and searching with them so a mobile ready web site is a requirement for any business.  This means a web site that can identify these devices with small screens and provide special pages for them.  Perhaps mobile web sites sound more difficult to make than they are.  In fact computer software can easily provide the special web pages.

Before we buy anything these days we like to know more about what we are thinking about buying.    An on-line quest will discover reviews, both good and bad, about the merchandise; you can find ratings from many people   If you have a business they you’ll want to be online and supply such information about your products.   Certainly in the last few years the importance of mobile web sites for local companies has grown quite substantially.

So what are the causes why a business you should be seeking to make sure that your website is mobile ready?  Below we take a look at just a number of these.

Reason 1 – Each year the number of people going on the web to find information about products and services increases.  During the last 10 years the internet has really boomed.  In the US during the last 10 years it grew more than 150%, an astounding number to be sure.

Reason 2 – Of mobile phone owners, 40% will go on line while 20% will use time on their phones on-line everyday.

Reason 3 – The creating of a mobile website for your business is rather easy on the pocket.   A mobile web site is planned differently from a conventional web site since phones have smaller screens and navigation is a little out of the ordinary.    Plus you will find that creating such a site doesn’t take up as much time.

Todays businessess require a mobile ready website.  As more and more customers expect to access information about your business using their phones it will become a matter of whether you or your competitor will provide the information required.   Consumers will find information about your products or services on the internet, where they find information is where they will shop.


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